S E A G R O V E, N C

Every Thanksgiving my new family [the Hardisons] take a weekend getaway to North Carolina to visit family.  This trip is one of a kind that I look forward to every year.  We take a step out of our every day life and enjoy a weekend on Fox Farm.  Every day is relaxing filled with lots of food and naps in a cabin from the 1800s that they turned into a family home.  But don’t be fooled, we don’t just get fat on the trip, we have activities to fill the rest of the day.  This year we took a family fishing trip to the pond, the men chopped wood, I helped restore an old table and glaze a door, and I got crafty and made a basket.

There is one activity that has become a tradition that is my personal favorite.  We take a girls trip driving about two hours to Seagrove, North Carolina.  This is a small town that has become a sweet little pottery community. This year was even better than the past because we had the opportunity to see 3 potters actually creating master pieces on the potter’s wheel.  This made my appreciation for the art soar.  I now feel the need to purchase clay, a wheel, and an oven.

Oh how I saw your talent Lord! “Yet you, Lord, are our Father.  We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.” -Isaiah 64:8 NIV

The experience actually reminds me of the local Amish community in Ethridge, TN, except its not.  There are larger co-op shops like the one featured that displays and sells pottery, but we like to drive through the community and visit the potter’s studios and galleries to purchase directly.  Sadly the pictures never depict the experience like being there in person, but hopefully this will do.


World Renowned Potter Ben Owen
Ben Owens Kiln [1 of 5]
Eck McCanless demonstration


McCanless studio
demonstration piece
McCanless gallery
Our favorite practical pottery. -McNeill’s-  She creates for everyday use.