When I find myself unable to fall asleep at night – that’s when I pick up my Bible app. I find myself embarrassed before the Lord that insomnia is the lengths he has to bring me to so that I will take some time to focus on His word. I find myself saying I’m just too tired or I do not have time on a daily basis, but the truth is I just can’t break my daily routine I’ve found comfort in. On most days, I come home, watch cooking shows, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and end the day with Netflix. See anything important in there I just can’t skip?? Me either. That’s why Hosea 13:6 just spoke to me while I was reading tonight. I have become satisfied with my life as a whole and I find myself forgetting how much I still need God. He has answered so many of our prayers in life, especially this sweet baby boy we will have in November. And oh boy does this make me realize I am about to need a relationship with him more than ever – this is just now hitting as a reality in my brain, literally right now. I am about to have to have the privilege to raise a son who can be a warrior for Christ one day, who will be the spiritual leader of a family. This is all hinged on him seeing Christ in Mom and Dad. I pray that I never fall back into being satisfied and not growing that hunger for biblical knowledge and truth. Lord, I need you.

There are times when I just need to hear something, and I found it. I was even on a devotional search tonight trying to find what I need to suit my thoughts tonight and this verse was not even a part of that devotional read. I love how our God works and knows we need to hear emotionally and spiritually and puts those words right in front of us. I hope this verse from Hosea brings someone else back to reality (but with a sense of peace) like it did me. May we never grow too comfortable in earthly life and push our spiritual life to the side.


Wedding Planning


This service is provided early in the event planning stages.

I meet with you and talk one on one about your upcoming event. Specifically the areas you need assistance in. We will discuss and create design ideas, confirm and/or suggest potential vendors and venues. I will also provide any other guidance I see you need for your event ensuring you have not missed a single detail.

Day of Coordination

This service is provided 1-2 weeks prior to your event, but booked in advance.

This service is where you want to take full responsibility for planning your event, but you require assistance the day of to ensure your vision becomes a reality. I become the liaison for you and your vendors that day and safeguard the smooth flow of the event’s timeline.

Prior to the event I will create a detailed timeline, contact vendors to introduce myself, and review vendor contracts to clarify their obligations. In the case of a wedding, I will be there to run the wedding rehearsal and review official timeline with wedding party.

Full Service Event Planning

This service is booked in advance with a sixth month minimum notice.

I will have full control of the look and feel of the event, based on your style. I will be involved from the beginning stages until the execusion of the event. I will recommend vendors, and will be involved in planning décor, flowers, linens, rentals, and printed materials. This package also includes the details of the Day of Coordination package.

The Finished product: Our Home

I am finally able to share our (semi) finished house tour! We have been working almost two years on this baby, and now we can basically say we are finished (insert praise hands)!!! There are still some details in the decor I will need to add as I find the perfect pieces and some I already have they just need to be framed.  We are absolutely in love with the final product inside – now we are moving to the exterior.  We need landscaping, grass, porch furniture, and all the pots filled with flowers that I can find.   Now lets get this tour started!

Please fill free to ask any design questions about what I have in the space and where you can find your own.  You can also contact me about design consultations and construction consultations with Jared.  We can help with any size project that you can throw our way!

The Entry

The entry to a home has to make a statement; after all, it is the first space of the home that guest will see.  Our house has gone through many design ideas.  When the construction first began I was all about the typical “farmhouse,” but after we grew deeper in the construction progress my ideas began to change.  I realized that farmhouse will be something to come and go in time; therefore, I did not want all of our handwork to  be irrelevant in a matter of years.  Here comes the change.  My appreciation for other design styles began to grow.  I now LOVE modern aspects to a room (black metal mixed with stained wood and leather), but I also believe that all spaces need some traditional pieces so keep the room grounded that can mix with any design change you bring to your home.  All that being said, I tried to show all of that mixed right into the entry way.

Lawrenceburg Florist – furniture, clock, and wreath stand; Hobby Lobby– lamp
Rugs USA

The Living Room

The living room has taken on more of a “formal” living room without the museum feel.  This is not a space we use everyday – hello white couch! I wanted this space to feel a little more dressy while keeping it simple and comfortable.  We still crowd around the coffee table for holiday game nights, so there isn’t anything uncomfortable about the space.  I wanted to keep the base of our living room neutral to allow me to change my mind and update the design.  I went for clean white walls in most of the downstairs.  In this room the base is considered the white walls, the neutral leather recliner, the jute rug, white sofa, and lots of wood.  I have added in navy and for the spring I am in the process of incorporating a raspberry/fuchsia color into the mix with my peonies and some two accent pillows for the couch that I am still on the hunt for.  I am hoping to find two velvet pillows for the accent to bring in a touch of the feminine modern look I am loving right now.  The traditional ginger jars mixed with the antique mantle and armoire allow to add in this mix without the room feeling over the top modern, because these pillows would not be the only modern touches I have.  If you notice the lines on the couch and the accent chairs they are all modern, but you wouldn’t even notice with all of the traditional accents.

Story & Lee- cocktail table and recliner; Lawrenceburg Florist – accents, couch, and pillows; Wayfair– navy accent chairs; Ballard Designs– Jute Rug; TJ Maxx- accent rug

The Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the rooms I looked forward to the most out of this house.  I wanted a clean space that once again carried out the mix of traditional, modern, and farmhouse. The clean white cabinets that flow with the white subway tile backsplash and white walls give me a clean base to be considered modern or farmhouse.  I did not want the kitchen to feel one style over the other I did a mix of matte black granite countertops with a marble counter on my island.  The gold and copper accents bring a little something extra to all of the white.  This completely neutral base allows me to change up my style with each season and holiday.  My food and serving pieces become the focal design point in the kitchen because of this.


Wayfair– bar stools; Lawrenceburg Florist- accents and lights; Pottery Barn – knobs and drawer pulls; Zac Brown- cabinets; Sears– appliancesimg_3446img_3445img_3452img_3444img_3450img_3451img_3453img_3447

The Keeping Room

This is the space where we love to spend the most of our time.  I am really loving the modern look as I mentioned earlier, so I let that style take over in this room.  I wanted one room to be a little more trendy because it is such a small space with a white base that I could easily change again.  This couch is everything for me right now.  I am simply obsessed with it.  The other item I can’t get enough of in the space is the colorful accent pillow on the left side on the couch.  I let this pillow and the couch inspire the entire room.  Some of the best rooms start with a little inspirational pillow.  I kept everything in this room casual and comfortable with the raw and light stained wood and leather.  This room is all about comfort and texture.

Lawrenceburg Florist- Couch, rug, coffee table, side table, entertainment furniture, decor; TJ Maxx- pillows; Lowes– bamboo shades

The Mudroom

I wanted this room to be a little more lively and fun because it is the first space we see when we come home, and when I found this tile I knew it was perfect!  I kept everything in the space very neutral so the tile could steal the show.  I wanted this space to be functional and not just for looks so I have added some gold coat hooks and a black metal laundry basket on wheels.  I also found this dresser that couldn’t be a more perfect color. I originally purchased it for one of the guest bedrooms, but in the process of moving it into the house we left in sitting in the mudroom temporarily and I saw just how great it was in the space.  Now we have a little bit more of that modern style that I love mixed with the traditional tile and farmhouse shiplap.  Not only does it bring style it also brings in a lot of functionality.  It is a catching ground for all that junk you bring in at the end of the day along with drawer storage for gloves and winter hats.  Although I love everything in the room, my favorite thing is the stair railing because Jared made that custom for me.

The Tile shop in Franklin


The Spotted Cow, Lawrenceburg

The Laundry Room

This space I went a little more dressy because I knew the piles of laundry would dress it down a bit. ha! I love kitchens with navy cabinets but I just could not commit to a color like that, so I went for it in the laundry room to emphasize the tile work in the mudroom.

Target– accent rug and cabinet hardware; Amazon – faucet


The Half Bath

Oh this sweet little bathroom is one I love to tell people about.  In the big white house (inside and out) that I have created, I wanted a little boldness.  So I went for deep green with custom wall details and painted the whole room the same color (even the back of the door), and I am in love! I wanted the room to have more of an antique/ Ralph Lauren inspired look.  So I accented the green with an antique tile, repurposed antique wash stand, a gold faucet and mirror, and my sweet little dog picture.

Lazy Daisy, Lawrencburg – furniture; The Tile Shop – floor; Amazon – sink faucet; Lawrenceburg Florist- mirror and picture; Sherwin Williams- paint (Hunt Club)


The Master

The goal for this room was to feel like a getaway, a relaxing space.  The majority of the room has a feminine feel, so to balance it out I chose chunky wood furniture and the moose antlers to tone it down.  The velvet curtains and the mauve velvet pillow are my loves in this room, but I am also obsessed with our huge antique-like armoire and the extra large floral print above the dresser.  Look at the captions for each picture to get more details on this space.  Our bathroom is just a marble oasis that turned out exactly how we had hoped.

Guest Bedroom & Bathroom 1

I kept the base of each guest room neutral to allow the space to transform into guest room, kids room, office, etc.

TJ Maxx- bed linens; Rugs USA; Lawrenceburg Florist – light fixture and full mirror

Vintrest, Chattanooga – furniture (the top 2 drawers are still needing to be altered to put back in place); Lawrenceburg Florist- mirror
Amazon- tub and faucets

Guest Bedroom 2

I kept the base of each guest room neutral to allow the space to transform into guest room, kids room, office, etc.  This bathroom space is still not complete, so it is not pictured.

Story & Lee – dresser; Lawrenceburg Florist- decorative eye chart

Guest Bedroom 3

This room still does not have any purpose or furniture, so I am just sharing detail photos. I kept the base of each guest room neutral to allow the space to transform into guest room, kids room, office, etc.  This bathroom space is still not complete, so it is not pictured.

Lawrenceburg Florist – light fixture
This bathroom is still in construction stages The Tile Shop, Franklin 

Upstairs foyer

This upstairs foyer was kept very neutral black, white, and grey.  I wanted this space to be a fun space to display children’s pictures in the future, a place to do homework, etc.  I have left it simple to transform the space into whatever inspiration hits me in the future.

Amazon – light fixture
Home Depot– light fixtures; Lawrenceburg Florist- cabinets, accents, chalkboard, lamp; Rugs USA

Our main sources for the products found in our home:

Ballard Designs Pottery Barn Wayfair  Home Depot Amazon Rugs USA Story & Lee furniture, The Lawrence County Amish community, and Lawrenceburg Florist & Gifts

We would love to hear feedback from you or answer any questions you may have! Give us your comments!

Bathrooms + tile

When we say we are “DIYing” I mean we are doing it all. That includes the back aching tile work. I may be sleeping on a heating pad every night, but it’s going to be so worth it. I have been able to do custom styles and designs in every single bathroom with high quality tile at half the cost – that just from doing it ourself! We are far from completion on the house but there is progress being made every week! We are coming to the finish line with laying the tile and then we will move to grout and paint (praise hands!).

The Half Bathroom

Thankfully the half bath was a small room to tile! I have found so many vintage bathroom inspirations on Pinterest with this sweet petite hexagon tile, but little did I know – you cannot buy the borders! This border is custom and hand placed. We had to remove the white tiles and replace them with the black ones. It was definitely a labor of love, and we love it! The vanity will be made from an old antique wash stand that I found at a local antique shop (it’s amazing!). We also plan to add some wood work detail to the walls and the whole room will be painted a deep green.

Guest Bathroom #1

This bathroom will painted a soft grey mixed with the white subway tile. The floor was completed this week but I didn’t get a picture of it, but trust me – it’s perfect. Under the two windows will be a free standing soaker tub with a classic shower curtain that wraps around the entire tub. This bathroom will also be getting a custom vanity made from a small antique wash stand. To have a contrast with the white and soft grey, all of the fixtures are matte black.

Guest Bathroom #2

This is one of my favorite rooms! I am in love with nothing but black and white (insert heart eyes here). The shower was completed after I made these pictures. We are putting up board and batting chair rail in this bathroom with my favorite part of the whole room – black and white buffalo check wall paper! To keep things simple we are using a classic white pedestal sink.

Master Bathroom

Ahh. My oasis. Our master suite is based on a more dressy, neutral space compared to the rest of the house. I really picked up inspection for our space after touring an old plantation home in Spring Hill, TN. The tile was completed in the entire bathroom after I made these pictures. The shower is tiled with the long subway tile with the 2 inch hexagon mosaic in the shower floor. We also plant to put the shower tile on the wall as a chair rail behind the soaker tub. This space will be painted a soft white with contrasting grey trim work. The vanities will be custom made and stained a medium wood tone.

Guest Bath #3

This bathroom will be a mix of 2 classics – glass subway and marble. I firmly believe each room needs a statement piece and this time it is the marble hexagon shower floors. This bathroom is still a work in progress that we just started Friday night.

The Mudroom

This amazing painted cement tile is our mudroom floor – we haven’t started to lay this just yet because it is the high traffic entrance for construction. I originally planned to do the popular black and white pattern tile, but as soon as I saw this brand new tile at The Tile Shop in Franklin I knew my plans had to be changed. The walls will be a soft shade of white to match the white base of the tile. Looking into the house from the mudroom you can see into the laundry room. As a result, both the laundry room and the mudroom need to coordinate. I am color matching the navy (it’s almost a brighter blue than navy) that is in the tile and having my shaker style cabinets painted to match. The wall color from the mudroom will continue into that space, and we are on the fence deciding between a brick paver backsplash painted white or just going with the classic white subway tile.

We purchased the simple white subway tile from Home Depot, the 12×12 marble floor tile from Lowe’s, and the unique tiles from The Tile Shop in Franklin, TN.

House tour #1 Aug. 10th

Oh my, I am so excited to finally be able to share this stage of the house!

Today is exactly one full year since we began this process – today was the day we were marking where the house should go.  I just have to start with how proud I am of my Jared.  He is no doubt one of the most determined and hard working men I have ever met in my life, and I am so happy to call him all mine!  He is no doubt turning a shell of a house into my absolute dream home.  Although we have our tired days and our over it days, we are having so much fun building this home together.  This is where we shine as a couple – I dream it, he builds it.  I am hoping to be able to share all of the monumental stages with you guys on here and give some tips on how you can get this same look.

Let the tour begin….

The Foyer

This is the place we get to welcome all of our guest! All the walls in this space are shiplap, and yes they will be painted white – shocker! The handrail will be the classic stained wood + white combo. This view is from the front door looking straight back to the back porch. On the left is the master bedroom and the second door is the half bathroom, and to the right is the living room, kitchen, and dining room.

The Master Bedroom

The master bedroom will be simple and nothing but neutrals – you’ll just have to keep check on the progress to see this room. We are finding the balance of masculine and feminine in here (it’s his room too ladies).  I am so excited about this space.  We are going classic in here with some bold trim and decor style.  Its our oasis, so we do not want trendy.

The Master Bathroom

The master will be our bright, clean, and cozy retreat. The master bath will be marble, marble, and some more marble. I have to have cozy though, so to warm up the space there will be deep navy his and hers vanities on each side of the window. Accented with bright, shiny nickel fixtures. The opposite side of the room is the soaker tub and walk in shower – this is where the marble tile magic is going to happen.

The Half Bathroom

This little room is the guest bathroom – I’m taking a step back in time with the tile selection for this room with a miniature black and white octagon tile with a custom design. To make this room a statement room amongst the white in every room, the paint color will be a deep green (like an old school chalk board, but darker). The vanity will be an antique sink dropped in an antique piece of furniture.

The Living Room

This space will be the “formal” living area of the house. Over the fireplace Jared is custom building a cabinet to hide a TV with trifold barn doors that can be tucked away in the sides of the cabinet. This will allow the room to have functionality while still giving me the chance to decorate and create a more desirable focal point for the room. The ceiling has been finished after the picture was taken in this room.  All of this wood on the ceiling will be painted the traditional ceiling white.  The wood is just there to give extra character and texture.

The Kitchen

This is by far the room I am most excited for. Oh how I miss all of my kitchen goodies. The plan for this room is white shaker cabinets custom built to go all the way to the ceiling – this will make the ceilings appear so much taller + it gives me so much extra storage. The wall cabinets are going to have black leathered granite counter tops. The center of the room will have my big island with two copper pendant lights centered over it and the counter will be a marble like quartzite. To the right with all of the windows will be the dining area with an entrance to the front porch and a HUGE farmhouse chandelier.

The Upstairs Foyer

The upstairs Foyer will just be all white shiplap with the contrast of the stained wood flooring.

Guest Bedroom 1

This room is one of 3 guest bedrooms.  I am going soft and neutral in this space with tan, grey, and blush.

Guest Bathroom 1

This bathroom is connected to the first guest bedroom.  There will be a free standing tub under the 2 windows with an old fashion curtain rod that goes all the way around.  The walls will have subway tile as a chair railing and the floors are just amazing! (we are picking all of these up tomorrow, so tile photos will be coming)

Guest Bedroom 2

The second guest bedroom will be a simple black and white color scheme.  The bed is an adorable black metal bed and the bedding will tie the whole room together. (Lawrenceburg Florist has these quilts 50% off right now!)

Guest Bathroom 2

This bathroom will match the guest bedroom 2 with the black and white.  I have exciting, bold plans for this small space.  The first picture ^ will be where the toilet and vanity will go, under the windows.  The second picture is the walk in shower.  The shower will have 4×4 white subway tile with black grout; the shower floor will be matte miniature black tiles; and the main floor will be the show stopper, matte black large hex shape tiles.  the wall will have a tall version of a chair rail with the cutest black and white buffalo check wallpaper.

The Keeping Room

Now we are back downstairs on the back side of the kitchen.  This space is the keeping room.  This will be where our family spends most of our time as the hang out spot with a comfy leather couch and a TV hung on the wall.  I am designing this space to be comfortable but with modern clean lines to keep it high design.  The accent shiplap wall in the first picture will be painted a bold dark charcoal that almost looks navy at times, and the rest of the room will be a clean white.

The Mud Room

The mud room is on the backside of the keeping room.  This picture is walking in the exterior door beside the garage.  From this view you can see into the laundry room to the right and straight ahead and looking through the keeping room into the kitchen/living space.  This room will have a combination of traditional and farmhouse.  We just bought the cutest patterned tile for this lower level I am standing in (pictures to come). The upper portion will just be continued hardwood from the rest of the house.  The steps to the right lead up to the final guest bedroom above the garage.

Jared finishing up the stairway from the mudroom into the guest bedroom.  This shiplap has been completed since the picture was taken.

Guest Bedroom 3

This space is more like a bonus room to us for now.  It can be an office, a future play room, or another guest bedroom.  This space will be painted a bright neutral to keep the space from feeling small with an extra-large black metal modern light fixture.

Guest Bath 3

This bathroom will have a subtle marbled tile floor with a traditional vanity (dark walnut stain and marble countertop).  The shower will be the show piece for this space.  We found some grey glass subway tile on sale (spirit fingers!) that will cover the walls and the floor will be a petite marble herringbone mosaic.

We are about to get to the really good part of the house! I would love for you to keep checking back for more updates on the progress, and hopefully I can show more detail in the design process for each room with both design details and my inspiration.  Even the top designers have to have some form of inspiration for each space.  Our house is going to be a cohesive blend of traditional, modern, and farmhouse.

What it means to me -Matthew 7:8 

Tonight God gave me words to share with you on this site outside of the pretty accessories and updates at the shop. This verse. This verse has been a profound verse in my life, especially during college continuing to today. Scripture in the Bible is amazing to me because verses and passages can mean and contain so many different things to so many people. Matthew 7:8 is one that just reiterated this in my heart. I have always taken this verse with a -physical- expectant heart. I expected to receive something from God whenever I asked, just like the verse says. For example, you want a new car, you ask for a new car, you get a new car. For me personally, when this verse first became profound in my life, I wanted a relationship/boyfriend/husband.  So I began fervently praying for that man to come into my life. (Not to mention I had a particularly handsome one already in mind). During this period of my life I have never prayed and talked to God more in my life. I had faith God would bring me the man of my dreams if it was in His will for my life. Speeding forward, God DID give me that handsome fella I prayed so hard for! Therefore, I began to really see this verse as asking for things in prayer and you’ll get them if it’s God’s will (which is still totally true). However, tonight God spoke a different word into my heart. This verse goes beyond what I thought. Matthew 7:8 is telling us just how accepting, forgiving, loving, and companionate our Heavenly Father truly is. “For everyone who asks, receives. ” This is telling us that for EVERYONE  with a genuine and receiving heart asks God for forgiveness and salvation will receive it! Yes that is right, EVERYONE! No matter what kind of person you have been in the past, God’s unconditional love will accept you and forgive you. “Everyone who seeks, finds.” ANYONE, looking for a relationship with Jesus will find it. He is everywhere in the world. I believe we overlook Him and take for granted those small things He does in daily life. He isn’t just there for the big stuff y’all. Starting today take time to notice those small blessings, I know it will make our day so much better (& I’m talking to myself here too!). “And to everyone who knocks the door will be open.” This sentence goes right back to saying ANYONE who knocks on Jesus’s door for a relationship will have that door opened so quickly. Inviting him into your heart doesn’t have to be a long process. Knocking on his door to invite him into your heart isn’t like knocking on a door here on Earth. There is no waiting for Jesus to finish what He was working on, to get up off the couch, to walk all the way across the house, to decide if He knows you, and to even decide if he wants you to come in. The moment you “knock” and pray to him for that relationship, for that salvation, He is opening that door immediately. That moment you are new. That moment you are safe, saved, and forgiven. Jesus saves! Once you walk one day with him in your heart you will realize you can’t handle another day without Him. We simply do not have the strength or perfection to do life on our own without Christ. 

Matthew 7:8 might speak something completely different into your heart, but tonight while my mind was restless God gave me these words to share with what Matthew 7:8 means in my heart. I pray this verse stays in your heart and mind so you are able to share what it means to you (or my thoughts on it) with someone else. I so many times miss opportunities to spead the good news of Jesus Christ with others throughout the day, but I’m so glad I listened to Him to share this with you guys tonight. 

Christmas Table Scape 

The Christmas table, now that can bring on some stress to the holidays. This year it can be so simple even for those in a rush. For our display we just took 2 laterns and curled/draped some of our favorite go-to garland around the lanterns and mugs. + lay around some of your basic red ornaments to add something extra and bring in some Christmas color. Place matching serving pieces around the table for a home style meal. 

When it comes to the place settings for the guest we put out our new sweater mugs to cozy up the set and get the guest ready for post dinner hot cocoa. For that special touch, add an extra ornament or in our case a mini santa, to the place setting for your guest to take home from your dinner party. 

Market Finds Sneak Preview

We have had one exhausting day at market searching for new items to bring into the shop, but we had success. Another one of my goals for the shop is about to be fulfilled. We will now be carrying soft home decor: pillows, rugs, and bedding. (Note: not all pillows are pictured) + we’ve got some show piece light fixtures coming to the shop. The best thing about this company is it is the factory that supplies the largest portion of Restoration Hardware’s product line and we get to have the small town price. These will be perfect to add special cozy touches to your “farmhouse” or it blends perfect with traditional pieces in everyone’s home; not to mention they are ideal for wedding & Christmas presents. Attached are some examples of the new product line. 

Oh and how can I forget… we have the comfiest & stylish couch and accent chairs on the way! 

Call, message, or email us for preview pricing or preorder! We are starting with a standard line of neutrals + Kelly green, but here is an example of the style/quality on its way. Jute rugs available in 8×10, 5×7, and 2×3 + not pictured surprise rugs in 5×7 and 2×3quilts + shams available in full/queen – army green & navy ** special order king**

Hand embroidered comforter set available by special order. Y’all, the detail is amazing. More full/queen quilts + shams. Grey and white are on their way. ** all quilts available for order for king beds **

Feeling extra girly for P R O M season 💕🎀

Nothing makes you feel more girly than a little touch of pink! Flower crowns are not just for a snapchat filter, but you can have your own. We would love to make you one for a special occasion or even just that perfect selfie. I love the chance to create something new and out of the box every now and then. I’m also loving the large traditional corsage that’s perfect for prom. 

The flower crown shown is just $35.99 + the corsage is $17.99 {custom bands available}

Call 9317623722 or facebook message to order!