When I find myself unable to fall asleep at night – that’s when I pick up my Bible app. I find myself embarrassed before the Lord that insomnia is the lengths he has to bring me to so that I will take some time to focus on His word. I find myself saying I’m just too tired or I do not have time on a daily basis, but the truth is I just can’t break my daily routine I’ve found comfort in. On most days, I come home, watch cooking shows, eat dinner, get ready for bed, and end the day with Netflix. See anything important in there I just can’t skip?? Me either. That’s why Hosea 13:6 just spoke to me while I was reading tonight. I have become satisfied with my life as a whole and I find myself forgetting how much I still need God. He has answered so many of our prayers in life, especially this sweet baby boy we will have in November. And oh boy does this make me realize I am about to need a relationship with him more than ever – this is just now hitting as a reality in my brain, literally right now. I am about to have to have the privilege to raise a son who can be a warrior for Christ one day, who will be the spiritual leader of a family. This is all hinged on him seeing Christ in Mom and Dad. I pray that I never fall back into being satisfied and not growing that hunger for biblical knowledge and truth. Lord, I need you.

There are times when I just need to hear something, and I found it. I was even on a devotional search tonight trying to find what I need to suit my thoughts tonight and this verse was not even a part of that devotional read. I love how our God works and knows we need to hear emotionally and spiritually and puts those words right in front of us. I hope this verse from Hosea brings someone else back to reality (but with a sense of peace) like it did me. May we never grow too comfortable in earthly life and push our spiritual life to the side.


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