Wedding Planning


This service is provided early in the event planning stages.

I meet with you and talk one on one about your upcoming event. Specifically the areas you need assistance in. We will discuss and create design ideas, confirm and/or suggest potential vendors and venues. I will also provide any other guidance I see you need for your event ensuring you have not missed a single detail.

Day of Coordination

This service is provided 1-2 weeks prior to your event, but booked in advance.

This service is where you want to take full responsibility for planning your event, but you require assistance the day of to ensure your vision becomes a reality. I become the liaison for you and your vendors that day and safeguard the smooth flow of the event’s timeline.

Prior to the event I will create a detailed timeline, contact vendors to introduce myself, and review vendor contracts to clarify their obligations. In the case of a wedding, I will be there to run the wedding rehearsal and review official timeline with wedding party.

Full Service Event Planning

This service is booked in advance with a sixth month minimum notice.

I will have full control of the look and feel of the event, based on your style. I will be involved from the beginning stages until the execusion of the event. I will recommend vendors, and will be involved in planning décor, flowers, linens, rentals, and printed materials. This package also includes the details of the Day of Coordination package.


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