What it means to me -Matthew 7:8 

Tonight God gave me words to share with you on this site outside of the pretty accessories and updates at the shop. This verse. This verse has been a profound verse in my life, especially during college continuing to today. Scripture in the Bible is amazing to me because verses and passages can mean and contain so many different things to so many people. Matthew 7:8 is one that just reiterated this in my heart. I have always taken this verse with a -physical- expectant heart. I expected to receive something from God whenever I asked, just like the verse says. For example, you want a new car, you ask for a new car, you get a new car. For me personally, when this verse first became profound in my life, I wanted a relationship/boyfriend/husband.  So I began fervently praying for that man to come into my life. (Not to mention I had a particularly handsome one already in mind). During this period of my life I have never prayed and talked to God more in my life. I had faith God would bring me the man of my dreams if it was in His will for my life. Speeding forward, God DID give me that handsome fella I prayed so hard for! Therefore, I began to really see this verse as asking for things in prayer and you’ll get them if it’s God’s will (which is still totally true). However, tonight God spoke a different word into my heart. This verse goes beyond what I thought. Matthew 7:8 is telling us just how accepting, forgiving, loving, and companionate our Heavenly Father truly is. “For everyone who asks, receives. ” This is telling us that for EVERYONE  with a genuine and receiving heart asks God for forgiveness and salvation will receive it! Yes that is right, EVERYONE! No matter what kind of person you have been in the past, God’s unconditional love will accept you and forgive you. “Everyone who seeks, finds.” ANYONE, looking for a relationship with Jesus will find it. He is everywhere in the world. I believe we overlook Him and take for granted those small things He does in daily life. He isn’t just there for the big stuff y’all. Starting today take time to notice those small blessings, I know it will make our day so much better (& I’m talking to myself here too!). “And to everyone who knocks the door will be open.” This sentence goes right back to saying ANYONE who knocks on Jesus’s door for a relationship will have that door opened so quickly. Inviting him into your heart doesn’t have to be a long process. Knocking on his door to invite him into your heart isn’t like knocking on a door here on Earth. There is no waiting for Jesus to finish what He was working on, to get up off the couch, to walk all the way across the house, to decide if He knows you, and to even decide if he wants you to come in. The moment you “knock” and pray to him for that relationship, for that salvation, He is opening that door immediately. That moment you are new. That moment you are safe, saved, and forgiven. Jesus saves! Once you walk one day with him in your heart you will realize you can’t handle another day without Him. We simply do not have the strength or perfection to do life on our own without Christ. 

Matthew 7:8 might speak something completely different into your heart, but tonight while my mind was restless God gave me these words to share with what Matthew 7:8 means in my heart. I pray this verse stays in your heart and mind so you are able to share what it means to you (or my thoughts on it) with someone else. I so many times miss opportunities to spead the good news of Jesus Christ with others throughout the day, but I’m so glad I listened to Him to share this with you guys tonight. 


One thought on “What it means to me -Matthew 7:8 

  1. allen voss

    Any time you make a public stand for you faith and share, you accept a certain amount of risk. This risk is even greater when you own a business. So proud of your willingness to share your faith. You are a credit to you family name, your family, and most importantly a credit to your Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the positive message.

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