Design is a P R O C E S S. & sneak preview of new items

Design is a P R O C E S S.  This is something I am learning every day with owning my own home and retail shop.  We tend to have an impatient attitude when it comes to decorating a space… well at least I do! I want to “pick” [antiquing] and retail shop for a room I am decorating all in one day and have it complete.  However, I am learning that this is not the best idea.  I tried this with our master bedroom and I have already changed the bedding in just 4 short months.  At first I felt guilty, but this is what helped me come to the understanding that designing can evolve and that is the freedom of small home details.  It doesn’t cost a fortune to give a room a totally new look [way cheaper than a new house, right?!] by simply changing some pillows, throws, and decor items.

As we near the renovation of a new home I am really hoping to apply this idea. In our current home we were so excited about decorating, so we went to Lowes and Home Depot and purchased all the tile at one time making do with whatever they had on hand. So with this new house, that is if ours sells, I am hoping to take the time and truly search out what I have planned for the home and not to settle because its the quickest option.

I tell you all of this just to remind you that its okay if your house or space is already decorated, its still okay to change it up! Your home is suppose to be your happy place, where you are the most comfortable and happy.  Make that space a reflection of your personality.  Make it you!  Don’t worry if it is “Pinterest perfect” [a later blog for that subject] make it your kind of perfect.

If you decide your home needs some new touches or to bring it to your dream home we have some beautiful furniture, dried goods, home decor, and even a few dishes on order that are scheduled to arrive in 2 to 3 weeks, so come check them out!  If you feel stuck with your design we also offer in home consultations.

1st dish pattern — we will have 12 full place settings
2nd dish pattern — we will have 12 full place settings + these canisters




Use for serving or layering a table centerpiece
Perfect for a laundry room

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