This is it. 

As of today, I firmly believe I have found my calling. And might I add it has been right in front of me for 21 years now. God finally opened my eyes for my passion to carry on the family business. Jared and I are now proud to say we are the new owners of Lawrenceburg Florist & Gifts. Over my journey to this point in life I took that special business for granted, but now I can clearly see how wonderful it is. Being able to say I am the 3rd generation for that business brings so much excitement. 

With all of this being said, I also now believe I have found my purpose for This is now my outlet to connect with anyone possible about our 70 year old florist. In addition to the traditions that the business is founded upon I hope to bring a new generation of customers and life to the florist. I plan to share the beauty of flowers and the pure joy they can bring to people’s day, as well as offer special deals on featured items, and a bridge to future online shopping along with many more ideas here on bydanielle! We are already in the process of transforming the show room into everyday home goods and silk arrangements made to last with Christmas decor 50% off. 

Follow our Facebook page and Instagram! Just search Lawrenceburg Florist & Gifts. 


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